Moovly has grown into a leader in content blending helping people to create engaging videos worldwide.


Incerta is known as a partner for companies who are committed to the security of their company. Today the industry leader in supporting businesses with their security and quality control policies. The uniqueness of the software lays in the fact that it is developed by experienced prevention advisors and quality coordinators.


Fstr offers a very user friendly app on which people can find rides in no time.


MicroTechniX is a company specialized in the development of image analysis systems for the laboratory environment from A to Z.

Aanbieders is A comparison site that helps save Belgian consumers on phone, internet, energy and saving products.

D&D Distribution

D&D Distribution has become a Value-Added Distributor, your one-stop ICT Solution Provider. With our extensive product catalog, our vast technical know-how (which results in an excellent service and support) and our strong focus on selling products of only the highest quality, we believe D&D Distribution can compliment your business and help grow your revenue.


Online scheduling software and management system for flight operations


Bluesquare strives to build data systems and tools that get resources where they matter most, nurture autonomy, empower the people, create value and help you make better decisions.


Tree-Trunk listens, asks and advises. Tree-Trunk draws, designs and creates. From tailor-made advice to technology and support. From creative concepts and a design that fits the soul of the company to eye-catching campaigns.

The Dutch Selection

The biggest and smartest smartphone comparison technology for better decision making. The Dutch Selection take millions of cell phone plans and cell phones from all the major carriers and offer an easy and fast interface to compare, choose and order.


The Hashtracks platform of Boemstudio is a show-and-tell platform for ambitious audio engineers. Each week hashtracks shares (parts of) multitracks, for you to download and mix as you like. Hashtracks also shares tips & tricks, interesting articles, interviews with producers and engineers and much more. Everything you need to know as an audio engineer!


Inforegio exist since 1993 and specializes in producing city guides. Inforegio produces over 120 guides a year and this by request cities only. But that’s not all. Through the online platform Inforegio is helping small and large merchants with their online marketing. Inforegio created excellent websites, web shops and online reservation systems.

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